Workshops, training and coaching

How can we build and lead movements around a cause or an idea we deeply care about?

HeartWorks has more than a decade of experience working as designers and researchers in and for the social sector. We’ve learned that more than quick win solutions and fuzzy processes, it is deep listening and great storytelling that makes for the most sustainable impact.

For us great listening builds trust and empathy with people so that we can gain new depths of insight and understanding. This in turn helps us to get right to the crux of things and see what is possible. Building from this, we take inspiration from great storytellers to help you to amplify unheard voices or ideas, creatively package your message and grab the attention of your audience.

We run listening and storytelling workshops, training and coaching for professionals in the social sector. They are playful, creative and interactive, and we will happily adapt them to the needs of your organisation.

As a basis, you can expect to:

  • learn about and practice a range of listening methods
  • explore how you can increase your understanding and empathy for complex problems and people using great listening
  • learn about how to prevent empathy fatigue
  • learn about why telling good stories is essential to bringing people on a change journey
  • craft and practice your leadership story
  • become a confident listener and/or storyteller

Register your interest in Listening and Storytelling training/coaching for your organisation here. 

We know that training is often more impactful with follow-up support, so do let us know in the form if individual or team coaching would benefit you. 

HeartWorks have an encouraging and comforting training style, helping to simplify and break down concepts, starting with their origins to describing how tools and techniques can be used to work at their best. Rebecca and Fan encourage exploration of new ideas to suit your needs and the needs of your audience. They gave me the confidence to use my new found skills straight away.

Sam- Lambeth Early Action Partnership